Visiting London? Cherry.blossom.lives has some great photos at her blog:


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Amazing city of London! It’s really a special feeling to choose a park as a starting point for visiting London. St. James’s Park is a beautiful one where you can see different kinds of birds and squirrels going freely all around you as you weren’t there. Here are some photos of our trips we did from Oxford (an article about it is HERE) to the capital. We just loved it and found it much bigger than Paris is.

2013-11-23 16.39.01

2013-11-23 16.39.41

2013-11-23 16.50.22

2013-11-23 16.54.41

2013-11-23 17.09.11

The Westminster abbey

2013-11-23 17.15.12

2013-11-23 17.21.45

  Impossible not to take some tourist photos 🙂

2013-11-23 17.22.59

2013-11-23 17.46.02

2013-11-23 17.49.56

It’s all about London calling!

2013-11-23 17.53.10

2013-11-23 18.03.29

2013-11-23 18.05.27Oxford, Anita&Jaksa,21-26 novembre 20131

If you would love to visit St. Paul’s cathedral or Westminster abbey I recommend you to go during Even song (17h). You won’t pay 15 pounds (the price of the visit during the day) and you will have the great opportunity to listen to theirs amazing choirs.

2013-11-23 22.32.02

We were happy to discover Muriel’s kitchen, a cozy…

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4 Responses to Londoners

  1. I was in London in January – it was beautiful then, too, as the weather was mild!

  2. Cteavin says:

    Great photos. Everytime I go to London I bring the rain with me. 😉

    • anniedm778 says:

      I must give credit to who wrote this piece (I re-blogged it) and I agree, she has great photos 🙂

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