Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

A couple of things come to mind when I think of abandoned.  These pictures were taken two summers ago.

My Great Aunt Molly, before she passed away several years ago, gave me many memories to catch up on, including a quilt made by Great Aunt Mamie Glidewell’s Mother and her Mother’s (my Great Grandmother Sarah) old canner.  They don’t make  or use canners like these anymore.  It’s all there, ready to use, but I don’t trust myself to try to use it.  Oh, it looks complicated.  But, it fed a large family of 7 boys and 2 girls and many grandchildren for years, so I guess it worked, but it’s been abandoned to history…


The next pics I took while on my bicycle rides in the country.  As the summer progressed, my daughter and I debated who might have run this grain elevator and oh my, what if it was haunted?  It certainly looked dangerous and I often thought it needed to be pulled down so no youngster would get hurt climbing on it.  Sure enough, one afternoon ride, we saw someone was demolishing it.  But, there goes another chapter of history….

550514_3732151616838_2033153940_n 382394_3732151696840_1003288037_nJune 23, 2012 001


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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

  1. restlessjo says:

    The canner looks rather strange and mysterious. How long did it preserve food for? I’ve never come across this before 🙂

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