Upscale Pizza Dining – Dewey’s Pizza – St. Louis, MO

I recently traveled to Kansas with my daughter  to visit my son & his family.  As we passed through St. Louis, Missouri, we spent the night at La Quinta Hotel in the Hazelwood area.  Having an urge for pizza, I had my daughter research and pick out a restaurant.  She chose Dewey’s Pizza Kirkwood, located at  559 North Rd & South Rd  image (9)
(between 559 North Rd & South Rd) in what is known as University City  just off of I-170, in the vicinity of Washington University.   Their motto, as seen on their menu and on the back of the employee’s t-shirts is ‘Taking pizza to the next level.’  It was a real treat and surprise!  image (2)

We both tried the Greek salad, which had an unusual ‘rosey red pepper vinaigrette’ on beautiful multi-colored lettuces with cucumbers, red onion, and whole roasted garlic cloves.  image (3)

Then we had the Green Lantern pizza, which featured goat cheese, artichokes, mushrooms, &  sliced garlic all nestled on a tomato sauce.   image (5)All pizzas have either white sauce or red sauce and various toppings on a flat bread type of dough.  image (6)

image (7)                                                                                                                                                             For dessert, we had chocolate cream cake – smooth cream in between rich layers of chocolate cake and rich dark chocolate frosting.  image (8) Can you believe it?  We SHARED one piece!  We were so full from eating the pizza, sharing seemed the better thing to do.

So delighted were we with the delicious spread, that on our way back home, as we passed through St. Louis again, we stopped at Dewey’s Pizza and tried a different pizza, the pizza of the day which featured arugula, onions, mozzarella cheese, red onions and with added goat cheese on top.

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