Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgic – 1958

There are places we can return to.  Places we visit when we vacation or travel for work.  Then there are places we can never return to, that evoke nostalgic memories of long ago forgotten times – and those places in those forgotten times – of tea parties and swing sets, black & white tv shows, the Wonderful Word of Disney on Sunday nights and popcorn on a warm winters Saturday night after bath time.  My place is my childhood, which was a sweet childhood with memories of grandparents who stood in as parents for us.  Grandparents who were good grandparents and I have such wonderful memories of them.   24995_1347767928736_3403905_nThey showed us a past and told us stories of a time before 1900, we were so privileged to have been around them.  But I can never return to that time.  But I can remember and pull out those photos that captured those memories.  And then, I can remember raising my own little children and of their being 4 years old, and now, they are making memories for their own children, my grandchildren and they will look back with nostalgia too.  I’m trying to pass on that sweetness, that goodness as I saw it in 1958.   2853_1136893857016_2726643_n


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4 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgic – 1958

  1. Lily Mugford says:

    You are fortunate, You have the memories of your grandparents… and you are making sweet memories for yours.

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  3. valesoul says:

    Lovely post and photos! Thanks for following my blog; I’m looking forward to reading yours as well.

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