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Impromptu Painting Party

A few weeks ago my neighbor invited me to an impromptu painting party.  We just selected a photo from the internet and started painting with supplies piled on her dining room table. This was the results of my efforts…. Not … Continue reading

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A Northern Germany Day Trip … Blueberry Picking in the Rain

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After a day of rest from traveling halfway across the world, my daughter and I set out to pick blueberries at the Heidelbeerhof Folster near Willenscharen hoping beyond hope that the rain would let up and the sun would … Continue reading

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Reboot the Lunchbox — The Daily South

Cherry tomatoes are dominating our garden boxes this year– we’re buried in Sun Golds, Juliets and Sweet 100s– so the angels sang when Atlanta restaurateur Tal Baum of Bellina Alimentari offered this idea for rebooting the lunchbox: Caprese Lollipops. The … Continue reading

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Bagni di Lucca’s contribution to the earthquake victims — Bella Bagni di Lucca

The residents of Bagni di Lucca got together recently to raise money for the victims of the terrible earthquake in Italy. A long table dinner was organised in the main street of La Villa and was well attended. via Bagni di … Continue reading

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how to make better pizza and get to know your flour

Pizza night in this house never goes unnoticed. The event has been planned in advance. Most likely we have just been on a hunt for a batch of good flour or other interesting ingredients. The kitche… Source: how to make better … Continue reading

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Minus Brad Pitt and a cliff

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list I’m exceptionally excited today.  I’m heading off on a road trip and it’s a huge one.  You may remember that a few  year… Source: Minus Brad Pitt and a cliff

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What Makes San Marzano Tomatoes Special?

When chefs throughout the world prepare authentic Italian sauce, San Marzano tomatoes are their preference. These thin, pointy, sweet plum tomatoes  are essential ingredients for an authentic Pizza… Source: What Makes San Marzano Tomatoes Special?

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seven rules to making an easy pasta with vegetables

There seems to be a sizable number of people who abstain from pasta for health reasons. For an Italian, this is obviously a hardly practicable way of conduct. In addition, I am firmly convinced tha… Source: seven rules to making … Continue reading

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Country Roads: Mvsei Vaticani

It began in January of 1506 when an ancient Greek marble sculpture was discovered resting peacefully underground in a vineyard within the city limits of Rome. Pope Julius II, a true patron of the a… Source: Country Roads: Mvsei Vaticani

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Italian Fare in Otterndorf, Germany

Off the beaten path, near the coast of the North Sea in Lower Saxony, Germany, is a little village by the name of Otterndorf.  Otterndorf is accessible by route 73 or by train.  It is in the Cuxhaven district of … Continue reading

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