A Northern Germany Day Trip … Blueberry Picking in the Rain

After a day of rest from traveling halfway across the world, my daughter and I set out to pick blueberries at the Heidelbeerhof Folster near Willenscharen http://www.heidelbeerhof-foelster.de/ hoping beyond hope that the rain would let up and the sun would peek out.  It was a cooler than normal summer for Northern Germany. Alas, it was not going to happen, but we set forth anyway and had a great time, returning soaked to the bone!

Visit this link to get a recipe:  http://www.heidelbeerhof-foelster.de/heidelbeer_streuselkuchen.html


Reward for our labors after a good cold soaking – a famous) blueberry coffee cake! Yumm!


We caught the tractor-pulled trolley which carried us out to the fields to pick.


We filled our buckets full and headed home with tummies full too!


Bright smiles for a fun day ahead!


Each group of friends or families were given a row to pick, though, we noticed that some did not stick to their row and took the easy route to more blueberries at eye level.


While others pressed on to better picking, we dug into each bush to pick them clean.


As you can see, picking clean came with a good soaking, here my daughter wrings the water from her jacket!

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