Overnight Train to Paris ….

After a tearful goodbye with my daughter in Hamburg, I made it onto the connecting train to Hannover where I would catch the City Night Line train to Paris, an overnight train.  I had decided to treat myself to a first class single compartment.  It was just so nice and such an enjoyable ride.

It took a little practice taking photos from the window as the train was moving.  Several of my photos were just blurrs!  I loved the little in-room bathroom set up – everything I needed was right there in one small compartment.  There was a chocolate on my pillow and magazines to read (in German).  And I had to put in an order for breakfast.  I had my Kindle for reading and a bottle of water for the evening, so I snuggled in for the night.

The next morning I was able to start taking photos of the French countryside.  I wasn’t sure where we were, but I took them anyway.

As you can see, it was mid-Spring time and the fields had been plowed, waiting to be seeded.  Some vegetable gardens were planted and sprouting and it was raining, of course, that’s what brings May flowers!  I loved seeing the old cathedrals in the middle of the villages…

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4 Responses to Overnight Train to Paris ….

  1. pedmar10 says:

    I can see the excitement so many wonderful photos. I take the train for business and always try but can’t. enjoy them.

    • anniedm778 says:

      Where I live here in the Midwest USA, there is only one passenger train, running from Indianapolis to Chicago. Before my Europe trip, I had never ridden trains before. It was an enjoyable experience!

      • pedmar10 says:

        I am sure it was, I have a friend in chicago (naperville) and he and wife loves to take the train there and here when they visit, last time took them on a ride by car in Paris and I think they see it diff now ::)

      • anniedm778 says:

        Lol, I didn’t try car in Paris. I think that would be a challenge 😉 Just like in Chicago.

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