Throw the Order Down the Stairs

Just about every work day, I clock out for lunch and walk down the street to a little cafe known for its excellent coffee but also has salads  and sandwiches, right down on the courthouse square.  It’s a well-known coffee house and it’s run by young people, probably college students from the nearby university.  I’ve been in there often enough now, that they know my order and say it before I can open my mouth.  I love that, it’s personal.  They have free wifi and study tables upstairs for students to do homework or prepare for exams.  And they even have sofas and easy chairs!


Photo credit: Brad Montgomery / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Photo credit: Brad Montgomery / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

I had gone there for several weeks since our office moved downtown before I was told by a friend, “Did you see her throw the order down the stairs?”  I did not see that!  lol  I was definitely going to check this out next time I went for the Thursday 2-for-1 lunch!  And sure enough, the girl takes our order, we pay for it, and she wads it up, walks over to a big open stairway heading down, and yells what ever our order was and throws it down the stairs.  I’m not sure but there may be a container down there that she is aiming for.  It’s dark on the way down!  The chef downstairs then picks it up and prepares it.  Talk about quick service!

I hope I can get served promptly once the university students come back to town in a few weeks!


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2 Responses to Throw the Order Down the Stairs

  1. Pecora Nera says:

    I wonder if this would work in Italy, They are good at throwing things, for example the players for the Italian football team, during the worldcup threw themselves on the floor as soon as someone from the opposing team ran near them.

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