Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

I am indeed late on this challenge, but thought of it several mornings this week as I was walking in to work.  I pass by a large cathedral-like church building downtown, it’s very old and hugging the building is a perennial garden consisting of hostas and hydrangeas mostly.  One morning as I was hobbling into work (you see, I tripped and fell last Sunday and broke a toe, hence the need to hobble), I spied a big beautiful pink/white/green hydrangea bloom.  And next to it, hiding between the leaves was another.  Because it was mostly hidden from view, it was difficult to see exactly how big it was, but I suspect it was as big as it’s companion.  Several days later, I hobbled into work with my camera and captured it.  Good thing too, because as I walked out to go home later that day, the big bloom had wilted in the heat.


June 28, 2014 007June 28, 2014 005June 28, 2014 006

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