Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This was a flooring project I single-handedly took on a few years ago.  While preparing the floor, I removed the floor molding and found this threshold, buried under the wall.  To the left of it, is a very old return air vent with a handmade wooden grill made to match the floor.  When I removed the cover it I found it has a cement opening leading down into the basement.  Creepy, huh?


How many people long long ago walked through this door, young and old?  The house is quite old, dating back into the 1800’s.  How many seasons of rain and snow fell just outside and children played on the porch or sat on the porch swing waiting for supper?


As you can see, a new larger threshold was made opening onto the porch and the porch was enclosed, some years later.

Food for thought…






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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. Hah wow what a great story, did you go down?

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