Baby Baby – I’m Making A Baby Quilt

It’s been about 14 or 15 years since I’ve made a quilt and way back then, I was an award-winning quilter.  I’m a wee bit ashamed of myself.  But, I work with a young woman who is going to have her first baby in April, so I became industrious & bought all the fabric and after a few days, I’ve got most of the blocks ready to sew into strips.  I think it’s coming together quite nicely:

February 17, 2014 Baby Quilt B 002

Stay tuned for the finished product!

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2 Responses to Baby Baby – I’m Making A Baby Quilt

  1. Shelley Giles says:

    I’ve wanted to do one for years! Maybe this winter…

    • anniedm778 says:

      My sewing machine broke down after making this one, just got it back from the shop, ready to go again.

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