I’m growing into my wrinkles

There was a time, some ages ago, when those of aged years were valued and held as vessels of wisdom. The grey and white hairs and the wrinkles were the etchings of a life long lived. Where did this world go so wrong to get the cart before the horse, so to speak?


When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable.  There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age….. Victor Hugo

I love this quote from Victor Hugo.. He, of course, was the author of Les Miserables so I love his words.  After what happened to me today, this quote of his seemed appropriate.  I was out shopping in one of those large, impersonal plazas that are identical, whatever city or country you are in. I tend to forget where I’ve parked my car in them usually, and am convinced someone stole it until I’ve looked in the right spot on every level and find it.  Anyway, it seems lately there is a trend for these huge conglomerates to squeeze even more rent from their floor size, by shoving pop up shops in the middle of the walkways.

For some reason, these pop up shops all have annoying shop assistants working…

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