The King Cake holds a Surprise

This is a very excellent post on how the Gallettes des Rois or King Cake came about….

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king cake, galette des rois

A French Tradition

While eating his cake, Jeff pulled out a small white tile, the kind that might be found on a kitchen wall.  He marched up to the counter and indignantly informed the server that they had baked a tile into his cake.  She broke into a big smile and said, “Oh, you found the prize!  You are the winner!” Then she handed him a paper crown.  He came back to the table with his crown looking confused.

I knew about the galette des rois, “king cake”, but it is a January tradition, and we were just approaching Christmas.  Plus, I had never seen a fève “the baked-in prize” that looked like a kitchen tile – I’m still not sure that it wasn’t just a convenient way to get out of admitting an error.

History of Hiding Items in Cake

It is indeed a tradition to eat pies and cakes…

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2 Responses to The King Cake holds a Surprise

  1. Margo Lestz says:

    Hi. Thanks for reblogging my post. I see that you are clever enough to make your own galette des rois – Bravo! I have to be content with buying mine as I am not blessed with the “baking gene”. Wishing you a wonderful 2014. -Margo

    • anniedm778 says:

      You’re welcome 🙂 Yes, downside to baking one, is eating it all myself lol. But then again, it was awfully good!

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