Travel Theme – Hidden – Hidden Driveway

I constantly see these signs when I drive through the countryside here. What does that mean, ‘Hidden Driveway’? Is it playing hide and seek and it’s going to jump out and say “Here I am!”? Or is it going to attack as I drive by?!?  In all seriousness, though, I know they have a purpose to keep the homeowner from being plowed over by a unobservant driver.  I have trouble finding the driveway referred to with this particular sign.  I have  joked with my children about them saying sometimes, if you can find the hidden driveway, you win the prize. But, these warnings do evoke some discussion, don’t they? lol

September 8, 2013 023

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8 Responses to Travel Theme – Hidden – Hidden Driveway

  1. Wow, it really IS hidden! 🙂

  2. rommel says:

    That particular one in the picture will get you to the wonderful world of Narnia. Once you find a cabinet then you know you’re there. Another hidden driveway in Kansas will take you to The Oz.

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