Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

My first trip to the sea?  ~ It was in 1970, where I accompanied an Uncle & Aunt as they drove my sister to Florida for her first semester of college.  I, having bronchitis, was hacking all the way as long as the AC was on.  When it was off, I was fine. But of course, Florida temps were way too high the first weeks of August to shut off the AC.


But, I remember as we drove toward the sea and seeing it for the first time, I honestly thought I was standing on the edge of the world and that the entire continent might just slide right on in.  Yes, that’s my exact thoughts at that time – young Midwest girl who had never seen the ocean before, coming from a sea of landlocked cornfields.

I since have learned better, and a few years later, I made my own trip to Florida to attend college there.  As another Uncle & Aunt drove me across Tampa Bay to eat at the Kapok 4735_1162565178783_2440776_nTree Inn (ahhh such memories, what a place that was), we encountered a terrific storm as we crossed the causeway.  We all honestly thought we were going to drown, forget the Kapok Tree Inn, but we made it.  And I have returned countless times to the sea since then and it is my favorite place to be – all things tropical and sandy and sunny and the blue, blue sea.



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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

  1. I was just seaside today, enjoying the sound of waves lapping the shore and the azure blue water of the Mediterranean Sea – heavenly!

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  3. rommel says:

    When you’re stuck, or when you feel constricted with everything around you or inside your mine….. The body of water is a sure-fire stress reliever. 😀
    I have good enough memories of Tampa. 🙂

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