French Blue Shutters

As I love all things French, I love so much the colors of blue French shutters on the houses in France.  June 8, 2013 005So, I’ve decided to paint the shutters the same color on my house.                         I tested one last night and I really like the look of it.  June 8, 2013 002                                                                 My house is a pale yellow color, which I think will go great with the blue, so I don’t have to repaint the whole thing.  I’m hoping to also finish up the painting on the dormers.  I’m still doing Spring clean-up from all the storms we’ve had this Spring.  June 8, 2013 004These two hard maple trees rain down pollen and seeds all Spring too.  It’s been a chore keeping up with them, almost as much as raking leaves in the Fall.  (The big one dates back to at least 1810, when the Battle of Tippecanoe took place.)  But, the good side of it is I don’t have to turn on the AC until at least July because of all the cool shade.  In a few weeks the gardens will be a riot of flowers.

The house has quite the history as it was built in the mid-1800’s by a family originally from Switzerland.  The original abstract was passed on to me when I bought the house.  It has nooks and crannies and built-ins inside.  And I was told by the owner of the local antique store that it was the home of the village blacksmith.  In renovating my bathroom, I found handmade nails in the walls.  And when I refinished the floors and had the drywall repaired, I was told that the poplar and oak wood for the floors in the dining room and front parlor was likely cut and milled right here on the property.  I really will feel like I’m living in a French cottage in the countryside!  If I can’t get to France this year, I’ll bring it here!

Now, what do you think, should I paint the doors a dark dark aubergine or a dark dark blue?

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3 Responses to French Blue Shutters

  1. aliciasunday says:

    Blue! Love the house – we also used to live in a similar wood house built in and imported from Switzerland in the 1930s. Like yours it was very charming.

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