Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

The hush of snow…..



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered

Foggy Tower

Weathered could mean under the fog…. though this church steeple is old and weathered as well.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Brave

My first European train trip – and solo – took much bravery & careful planning so I didn’t go where I didn’t want to go!

May 2014 Europe Trip 104


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Fairy Tales Palaces in Europe…

Once the homes of emperors, kings and nobles, some of the finest palaces in the world can be found in Europe. Scattered across the centuries, from medieval mansions to neoclassical halls, from baroque beauties to renaissance residences, these centres of pomp and ceremony still possess a splendour that echoes down the ages. Here, we’ve selected…

via The Fairytale Palaces in Europe that Will Transport You to Another World — The Column from Trafalgar

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The Artist in Me – A Learning Process

I have spent my spare time through the Fall and Winter watching how-to videos on YouTube, the majority of which have been on the topic of watercolor painting, drawing and a few on pastels.  I have these dreams of sitting under a tree somewhere in France, sketching the street scenes. I am by no means an accomplished artist, I readily admit. But, I am hoping that some of the artistic DNA from my ancestors would be coaxed into being. My father, who I barely knew, was an accomplished artist, mainly in pen and oils, as well as my older sibling. I do see some progress in my efforts, no matter how small. 😂


Here are some of the watercolor videos that I have been following:

Jay Lee Watercolor Painting


Wei Taillandier


Scarlett Damien


The Mind of Watercolor



My art supplies are probably not the best that one might procure, but they are what I have on hand at this time.  They are a collection of paints and pencils my children used through school and university years and I became the inheritor of their odd abundance.  Eventually I want to add better quality supplies to my collection.  And maybe even take a class or workshop somewhere near here. Here I made up a page of the colors I have.


I did find a set of Berol Prismacolor pencils from which I drew up a page of sample colors.

img_20170212_105148_wm.jpg img_20170212_105106_wm.jpg


The watercolors were the sort one buys for school, nothing special. But I did buy a small travel set before going to Europe last August and I believe it is a good quality set, shown here:
















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February 21st is National Sticky Buns Day!

Here are today’s five things to know about sticky buns: Sticky buns are also known as cinnamon rolls and monkey bread.  A sticky bun should always be made of yeast dough.  Ancient Egyptians were th…

Source: February 21st is National Sticky Buns Day!

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Did you know?

Five food things to know about cherry pie: Cherries belong to the rose family. Cherry pie is the fifth most popular pie in the US. In the 19th century, fruit pies were a common breakfast food. Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, considering pie consumption as a pagan form of pleasure. “Surprised Pies” […]

via February 20th is National Cherry Pie Day! — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays

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