The Artist in Me – A Learning Process

I have spent my spare time through the Fall and Winter watching how-to videos on YouTube, the majority of which have been on the topic of watercolor painting, drawing and a few on pastels.  I have these dreams of sitting under a tree somewhere in France, sketching the street scenes. I am by no means an accomplished artist, I readily admit. But, I am hoping that some of the artistic DNA from my ancestors would be coaxed into being. My father, who I barely knew, was an accomplished artist, mainly in pen and oils, as well as my older sibling. I do see some progress in my efforts, no matter how small. 😂


Here are some of the watercolor videos that I have been following:

Jay Lee Watercolor Painting

Wei Taillandier

Scarlett Damien

The Mind of Watercolor


My art supplies are probably not the best that one might procure, but they are what I have on hand at this time.  They are a collection of paints and pencils my children used through school and university years and I became the inheritor of their odd abundance.  Eventually I want to add better quality supplies to my collection.  And maybe even take a class or workshop somewhere near here. Here I made up a page of the colors I have.


I did find a set of Berol Prismacolor pencils from which I drew up a page of sample colors.

img_20170212_105148_wm.jpg img_20170212_105106_wm.jpg


The watercolors were the sort one buys for school, nothing special. But I did buy a small travel set before going to Europe last August and I believe it is a good quality set, shown here:
















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February 21st is National Sticky Buns Day!

Here are today’s five things to know about sticky buns: Sticky buns are also known as cinnamon rolls and monkey bread.  A sticky bun should always be made of yeast dough.  Ancient Egyptians were th…

Source: February 21st is National Sticky Buns Day!

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Did you know?

Five food things to know about cherry pie: Cherries belong to the rose family. Cherry pie is the fifth most popular pie in the US. In the 19th century, fruit pies were a common breakfast food. Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, considering pie consumption as a pagan form of pleasure. “Surprised Pies” […]

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Daily Photo Challenge – Solitude for Mr. Barks A Lot

Mr. Tex, waiting for his girlfriend (fellow Husky female) to come out to play.  He’s getting old and I realized yesterday, he’s quite deaf.  I walked up behind him to pet his head and he just about jumped out of his skin.  It doesn’t stop him from barking though, earning him the name, Mr. Barks A Lot, he’s known to flap his lips in the wind …. he knows solitude at this moment….


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4 Days in Devon

And here’s another spot for my bucket list!

Over Christmas holiday we had the pleasure to explore the Devon county of England. Southwest to London, it was a three-and-a-half-hour journey by car, where we stayed in a rural cabin in a small vi…

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Resilience in Sirmione, Italy

I’m determined to put Sirmione on my bucket list!

The most resilient thing about Sirmione, Italy was one particular steadfast nonna.

Source: Resilience in Sirmione, Italy

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Pain Perdu with Raspberry and Vanilla — The Good Life France

This is a super easy, extremely tasty way to use up old (stale) bread. A classic French recip, “Pain Perdu” – French Toast, Eggy Bread – makes a perfect breakfast or brunch dish for the weekend or a snack at any time. Serve with home-made raspberry jam or fresh raspberries when in season. Ingredients for…

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