Resilience in Sirmione, Italy

I’m determined to put Sirmione on my bucket list!

The most resilient thing about Sirmione, Italy was one particular steadfast nonna.

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Pain Perdu with Raspberry and Vanilla — The Good Life France

This is a super easy, extremely tasty way to use up old (stale) bread. A classic French recip, “Pain Perdu” – French Toast, Eggy Bread – makes a perfect breakfast or brunch dish for the weekend or a snack at any time. Serve with home-made raspberry jam or fresh raspberries when in season. Ingredients for…

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What to see in Nice — The Good Life France

Nice is glamorous. Let’s be honest, it’s what you picture when you imagine Nice; sauntering along Promenade des Anglais, ogling yachts you (probably) can’t afford (yet), and enjoying a drink outside whilst soaking up the Mediterranean sun. With all that effort, everyone needs a break now and then, and a break is what these two…

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Opening Week by Ree — The Pioneer Woman

First of all: I’m so sorry I’m just now posting photos of The Merc! To say things have been crazy, nutso, frenzied, hectic, and wacky over the past two weeks—and particularly the last five or six days—is an understatement, and I’m just now coming up for air. Some highlights: * I lost my voice. By…

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Impromptu Painting Party

A few weeks ago my neighbor invited me to an impromptu painting party.  We just selected a photo from the internet and started painting with supplies piled on her dining room table. This was the results of my efforts…. Not bad considering I know little of acrylic painting… Not to mention my untrained drawing abilities….

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A Northern Germany Day Trip … Blueberry Picking in the Rain

This gallery contains 7 photos.

After a day of rest from traveling halfway across the world, my daughter and I set out to pick blueberries at the Heidelbeerhof Folster near Willenscharen hoping beyond hope that the rain would let up and the sun would … Continue reading

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Reboot the Lunchbox — The Daily South

Cherry tomatoes are dominating our garden boxes this year– we’re buried in Sun Golds, Juliets and Sweet 100s– so the angels sang when Atlanta restaurateur Tal Baum of Bellina Alimentari offered this idea for rebooting the lunchbox: Caprese Lollipops. The truth is most kids will scarf down cherry tomatoes (even if they dislike conventional ones),…

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