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Weekly Photo Challenge – Grid

Living on the grid …..



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Connected

A street in Amsterdam, where I stopped, exhausted, looking for the street that connected me with my destination….



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Monochromatic




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Today Was A Good Day

A walk along the beach near Cuxhaven, Germany with my daughter ….



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Basements and old stairways really creep me out, not the nice finished basements, but ones that look like dungeons or something …. and basement windows and street gutters …. and you know …. they’re just, ugh, creepy!









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A Busy Summer …

It’s been a busy summer for me this year, filled with travel, work and gardening.

Packed and Ready to Go!

Before I headed out to Germany to visit my daughter, I planted my veggie garden.






















I am taking care of my son’s dog, Tex, and as he is a big cow looking kind of guy (a black lab), I put up a 4 foot chicken wire fence to keep him from digging and rooting through my garden.  It’s been a bit of a challenge to crawl over and get into it, as I didn’t make a temporary gate, but it’s worked out very well.





























I’ve even tried rooting ginger and it’s been a great success.


It’s now grown another sprout, besides the one shown here.






















And I’ve rooted an avocado seed.  It’s all been a discovery in gardening for me.

The garden has grown faster than I can keep up with, it seems.  We’ve had more than our fair share of rain here in the Midwest.  In fact, we had a deluge in early summer, but the rains have tapered off and we now have a normal August ahead of us.




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